Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics?

Gallup has asked Americans whether U.S. involvement in Iraq was a "mistake" in seven polls so far this year. Across these more than 7,000 interviews, an average of 57% have said "yes."


Did the United States make a mistake in sending troops to Iraq? (by age)


18-29 Yes - 56% No - 41%
30-39 Yes - 48% No - 50%
40-49 Yes - 52% No - 47%
50-59 Yes - 61% No - 38%
60-69 Yes - 62% No - 37%
70-79 Yes - 70% No - 28%
80+ Yes - 69% No - 26%

I'm glad to be in a group that opposes (overall) this stupid waste of my country's heritage, as well as the monetary future of several generations of American citizens.

From that chart, it looks like if'n you're a young person, you sure as hell think it was a mistake, probably because your ass would be the first to go. Second, if you're an older person (40+), then you've probably already served, or are at least wise enough to see what a folly our Iraqi adventure is, so you're also agin' this "war." But finally, if you're among the eldest (70+), then you're a member of Tom Brokaw's "Greatest Generation", and, you're most against the war. Given that those folks fought an actual war against an actual menace, that's not surprising.

It's kind of sad that then 30-39 age group are pro-war, or more correctly, they don't think the US sending troops to Iraq was a mistake. However, folks in that age group probably began to become politically aware during the Ray-gun (and Bush I) administrations, and they've formed their crappy foreign policy views based on the actions of those administrations.


Anonymous said...

I'm 35, so right in the middle of the dip. We were too young to understand Vietnam, or Watergate, and our parents were too old for Woodstock.

We're waking up, though.

SweaterMan said...

Whig -

That's all that we can ask.

Justin said...

This is why I am for bringing back the draft. If you are for the war, then go. If you are against it get out in the streets and burn your draft card. We need to push the envelope here.

I hear way too much, "Ya, Iraq was a bad idea, but if we leave, it will be chaos". Sure. Good. here's your golden ticket to hell.Enjoy.

In this draft, no student deferments. No age limits. So you are a fat ass 50 year old with medical probelms derived from your overconsumption of high energy foods? Thats ok, you can drive a truck or something. So you are a grad student? Thats ok, we will teach you how to shoot straight.

The idea is, either put up or shut up. Either go or rebel. No more of this middle of the road wishy washy shit.