Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Hairy Grampa"

I don't usually blog personal stuff-not my style(I'm boring). Today my son called to wish me a happy father's day, which is ironic, as I was not a real father, and my grandson also talked to me. So here's the back story:
My son was not raised by me. I was 16 when he was born. The woman who went through the labor had religious beliefs. We were not going to get married, and abortion was not an option. He was adopted at birth, and I only met him when he was 18. I met a grown man, who I really respect, who only shares some of my genes. To make a short story long, when I was 15 a condom failed and a really great result followed. I watched a child be born. I didn't see him again until an 18 year old tracked me down.
He's doing really well, a really smart guy. When we met he wanted to know his heritage, and that I could tell him. My father was a big genealogist, so I had a lot of history to share with him. Now I have 2 grandchildren, and my grandson calls me "hairy grampa" because when he last saw me it was winter and I had a full beard.
I'm an accidental father, but I'm trying to be a good (albeit "hairy") gramps.

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