Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Zymurgian has this really, really stupid dinasour for a pet. That's too much like work. Atrocia is my kind of pet- one rat every few weeks, and she doesn't eat books.
Although I used to have some very nice pets who looked like this:


--mf said...


Well, rather odd pets... I am absolutely arachnophobic, having to deal with a MASSIVE Brown Recluse infestation in this apartment of mine. i've just got two cats, which are both GREAT in their bug-eating/pest killing faculties.

I finished my post about "Steady State Economy" in the Comments of that post. You were the first commenter, I am the second. I ask you to have a look at my own break-down of what the idea seems to be, and I wonder if my presumptions are correct. I'm a pretty good judge of Human Character. TYhough I really WISH that everyone was good, and kind and as ethical as you and I, and our firends, I know that we're the outlyers... So, I made some assumptions on where this plan will lead.

Please let me know where I wander off, where I am correct, and possible corrections to the original plan to avoid such "mission drift."

I really like your opinions, and appreciate your comments.


Anonymous said...

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