Monday, July 16, 2007

Hemp Mobile

I'm only posting this to make Whig comment:

GREEN drivers may soon be travelling in “cannabis cars” which can be recycled. Ministers have coughed up £500,000 to develop the world’s first sustainable vehicle made from hemp.

The joint project between the environment department DEFRA, car giant Ford
and growers Hemcore aims to create new materials based on plant fibres to
replace metal and oil-based plastic components.

Developers Qinetiq have already designed hemp replacements for the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals. As the technology improves, it may be used
for larger car parts such as body panels.,,2-2007320802,00.html

Spliffing ... hemp for car parts

Any questions?


fairlane said...

Holy crap that is a fantastic idea.

Just think;

You rear end someone, they get out all pissed off, and you say,

"Chill dude, here take a toke off my bumper."

And no more junk yards. Your car falls apart and you invite some friends over and smoke it.

I know smoking hemp is nasty, but still...

whig said...

What makes you think I'd comment?

whig said...