Sunday, July 15, 2007

A story with pictures

Yesterday I posted a picture of a cockatoo picking at a friends teeth. Now I'll tell you the story. It was Thurs. night, and I was at my local brewery:

I was hanging out with a group of fellow whitewater rafters ("river trash" to the locals), and an old friend was in town (another boatman, don't have a picture of him). He always has a couple of his birds with him, this time an Amazonian Parrot named "Jack" and an Australian Cockatoo named "Kiwi". His birds are extremely friendly, and were a great source of entertainment.

Which led to some goofing amongst the river trash. Kiwi likes to pick at peoples teeth, and given the lack of health insurance amongst boaters (boatman's health plan: 2 aspirin, a vitamin, washed down with beer), we called Kiwi's picking "dental care".

Here's a boatman getting his annual teeth cleaning.

And here's a boatwoman taking a turn. I didn't get any pictures of my turn, but trust don't want to look at my teeth. I did get Jack untying my hair:

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