Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Barking up the Wrong tree

In a way, this was too much fun. I stepped out for a smoke (yeah, I'm an addict), and two clean-cut young men in white shirts and ties are walking down the sidewalk. The older one stops and starts to talk to me:

"Hi, we're missionaries from the LDS church. Do you know god's plan?"


"Well, nice to meet you. I'm a happy atheist. Would you like to have a beer and tell me about this "God".

I'm wondering about the Mormons. I mean, I'm a hippie smoking outside a BAR and your missionaries are trying to convert me? You might as well preach abstinence at the mustang ranch.

It was worth it. The look on the younger missionary's face would make a great poster. But I didn't have my camera. So I'll leave you with this:

Added: BTW, I have no prejudice toward Mormons...or any other religion. Believe what you believe.


Fran said...

I love this. I am reminded of two Mormon related missionary tales that I have been mulling over for a blog post.

They do persevere. They really do.

Tengrain said...

There were a mormon brother-sister set of twins in my high school, nicest kids in the world. They never said that they hated anything or anyone, instead they said that they loved xyz the least.

She made a break for it when they tried to set her up for a young marriage and became an emancipated youth in San Francisco; he never returned from his mission in Los Angeles, but we heard he came out of the closet like a rocket down there.

I think Mormon kids all are just waiting to break free of orbit.