Monday, August 13, 2007


I'm not surprised that Karl Rove has told the WSJ that he's going to quit at the end of August. It's common to leave lame duck administrations. Karl Rove has made his career by winning elections, and our shrub won't be running for office again.
But here's the part that bears watching: Who does Rove end up working for next? Karl's got a major reason to have the next president on his side, and if he takes over one of the current rethug campaigns it will have a major impact. None of the current crop of GOP candidates (announced or un) have claimed the lead (sorry, Mitt, the Iowa strawmen don't mean much), but Rove could change that.
Remember, Rove took the least qualified candidate for president, and got him close enough that the election result could easily be manipulated into victory (yes, I consider the elections stolen. But you have to be close to get away the theft). Rove would have an easier time selling one of the current candidates. It's what he does.
So watch out. Rove inside the Whitehouse was bad, but he's much more dangerous on the campaign trail.

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