Sunday, August 12, 2007

Perseid Party

Looks like a great night for a meteor shower, so we're gonna have a little Perseid party tonight. Y'all do know that tonight is supposed to be a great night to view it, don't you?
(pic from here:
Added: Good show, although somewhat cloudy at times.


Distributorcap said...

u are one lucky guy
you know in the big city i can barely see the moon!

i am sure it is gonna be one heckuva show

trog69 said...

Good afternoon, pygalgia.

Not to rub it in to the other commenter, but I am exceedingly lucky enough to reside in a relatively unlit section of S. Arizona desert; the show should be awesome.

Also awesome...this site! The discussion levels are great. Rat own, Brotha!

Demeur said...

My first impression: "Warp factor five Scotty!"

the mostly reverend said...

from lovely central iowa, where we had clouds and thunderstorms overnight, blocking our typically perfect view:
thanks for the photo.