Thursday, August 2, 2007


By now there must be a million posts about the collapse of an interstate bridge in Minneapolis, and on the heals of the steam pipe explosion in NYC last month, we're seeing the results of neglecting America's infrastructure. A recent estimate puts the total price tag to repair the infrastructure at $1.6 trillion (about the cost of the Iraq War). Throw in the recent food contamination cases, and stories like
White House Threatens Veto of $20 Billion Water Projects Bill, Says It's Too Costly, and you start to see a trend. A very dark, disturbing trend.
It would be easy to blame the failings on our shrub's war, but the cuts in domestic spending go back to Grover Norquist's "contract with America" to shrink the federal government. The rethugs got elected by vowing to cut taxes and spending. They seem ignorant of the concept that there are reasons why governments exist and that some things are worth paying for (other than wars...we always find the money for war).
Governments exist to develop infrastructure to meet the collective needs of the society. We have a right to expect safe roads, food, water, medicines, etc., but we also must be willing to pay for it. The rethugs have sold their tax cuts by hiding the consequences from the public. The Democratic candidates need to stand up and say how they'll address this mess, because I'm betting that more of these kind of problems are going to occur by 2008.
And don't get me started about FEMA or S-CHIP or about a brazillion other rethug disasters.


Anonymous said...

Well said! Again, it's like a breath of fresh air when I visit here.

pygalgia said...

DC, you're making me blush.