Friday, August 3, 2007

Our Shrub

Oh my, shrubby says "give me what I want or no vacation" to congress:

WASHINGTON - President Bush said Friday that Congress must stay in session until it approves legislation modernizing a U.S. law governing eavesdropping on foreigners. "So far the Democrats in Congress have not drafted a bill I can sign," Bush said at FBI headquarters, where he was meeting with counterterror and homeland security officials. "We've worked hard and in good faith with the Democrats to find a solution, but we are not going to put our national security at risk. Time is short."The president said lawmakers cannot leave for their August recess this weekend as planned unless they "pass a bill that will give our intelligence community the tools they need to protect the United States."

He really is a petulant child, isn't he.

Changing the FISA law is a really bad idea, but our shrub has been consistently violating it for years. I'm betting the reason he wants a new law is the same reason he's been stonewalling congressional investigations. He's afraid that if the public became aware of how blatantly he's violated the law the clamor for impeachment would spread beyond us leftie bloggers and into the mainstream.
I wonder if he'll cancel his own vacation? Because if he does go on vacation, I think congress should walk out in protest. That would be a constitutional crises worth watching.

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Demeur said...

I'd sure break out the popcorn for that one.