Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday thoughts

Some assorted thoughts on a Saturday:

Got a call from an old friend this morning. It was great to hear from her, and I've certainly missed her in the years since she moved away. She's had some rough patches over the past couple of years, and I really wanted to give her a hug. Here's an electronic hug to you, S.

Speaking of people who could use a hug, Becky of Just a Girl in Short Shorts Talking About Whatever has been facing some really hateful attacks from the bottom dwellers of the cybersphere. Send her some love and support.

One of the rewards of having this humble blog is finding all sorts of interesting other blogs, often via comments. The blogroll keeps expanding, and that makes me happy. As I browse my blogroll, I find a ton of interesting things. So if my blogging gets boring (or I'm not saying anything) please check out some of the fine folk on the list.

Hurricane Flossie? We're getting hurricanes in the shape of cows?

Does anybody outside of Iowa care about today's straw poll? I predict that the winner will be a rich white guy who I would never vote for.

And our shrub is still a disaster, but at least he's on vacation. Would that it were permanent.

(pic above is from a Grand Canyon trip a few years ago. My current camera has better resolution.)


Mauigirl said...

Hi, Pygalgia, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Love your comment about the Iowa straw poll. I think your prediction will come true. And it goes for me too!

Mauigirl said...

And, thanks so much for linking me!

pygalgia said...

My pleasure. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Anonymous said...

After looking at the progressively worsening photos of Bush since he's taken office the Distributor Cap posted, I think a permanent vacation is just what he needs.

It's a sacrifice we should be willing to make.

And he should take Dick on vaykay, too, bad heart and all.

After all the hard work - those guys need a rest.

Becky C. said...

Thanks again guy, I am really all right and do not want to relish in victimhood--it is so unseemly,

But I have said the truth about some bad people and those who ignore or enable them.


Anonymous said...

victimhood and bottom dwellers.

what a load of crap.

did you even read the comments between the two blogs?

a guy asks a girl to remove his name from her blogroll and MBL, and he suddenly becomes a lesophobic misogynistic bottom dweller? how wrote your paragraph for you? karl rove?

even her real life lesbian friends are telling her to quit lieiing and to shut up. guys love her, tho. must be all the porn on her page. strap it on, dude, cuz she's leading your around by your nuts.