Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wow, Thanks

Jess at I Was Just Wondering gave us one of these:

I am totally flattered. I started this little blog because I wanted a space to express my thoughts, have a dialogue, and, yes, to rant about the things that piss me off in America today. I invited Sweaterman, Zymurgian, and Ghandisxmas to join in because they're really smart guys who make me think (I've also invited several very smart women to join, but so far none have). In the few month's that I've been blogging, I've been introduced to some really nice blogs (see the blogroll) and received some great comments. I never expected to get rich, become famous, or win awards, but now the latter has happened. Now I guess I'll have to get to work on the first two (just kidding).

Along with the fame and fortune of being a "thinking blogger", I get the privilege of awarding five other bloggers who make me think. The entire blogroll is deserving, but most of them already have one, so here are my picks:

DCUP at PoliTits is provocative, funny, and very smart. She's also flirtatious, which makes her a daily read.

Fairlane at Jones Town writes wonderfully snarky pieces that are a great relief when I'm almost ready to tear my hair out.

Becky at Just a Girl in Short Shorts Talking About Whatever is a bold, beautiful woman who's very straightforward about who she is and what she thinks (yes, that was a joke Becky). She also plays softball, so what's not to like?

Judiphilly at truth, justice, and peace writes very thoughtful essays and posts great cartoons.

And while I wish he'd post more frequently, Karlo at swerve left is well worth reading.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go build a trophy case. Thanks, Jess.


Becky C. said...

Yes you rock guy and we will share a min-brew one of these days, within a year, up in Flagstaff.

How is your weather today? We are having a storm, and I am afraid my dish might blow over.

And I am tired ofdealing with the tedious guy that attacked me. What was so cool is that Suicide Girls did one of those targeted message things and shut down his servers this morning. And then he started moderating--and lectured this cool girl named Morinn, like she was some naughty stupid adolescent.

But, like I say, my pussy wins now and every time and god is good.


Anonymous said...

I've been busted for being flirtatious! Thank you for thinking I'm provacative, smart and funny.

I like flirtatious, too.

You, P., are wickedly, cuttingly funny, creative and you seem to have a sense of self (this is who I am, take it or leave it)that makes this a nice place to visit every day.

Thank you for the honor.

JudiPhilly said...

Thanks for picking my blog for your list of thinking bloggers.

Picking the cartoon of the day is one of my favorite things -- I'm glad they're enjoyed. Also appreciate the words re "thoughtful essays." Just wish the topics weren't so dreadful.

fairlane said...

Much obliged Py. To "think" someone "thinks" I "think."

Must be the mushrooms.

Seriously, I appreciate it. I enjoy your blog, and insights as well.


pygalgia said...

Hey, thanks y'all. I picked you because you make me think. And thinking is my hobby. I love you all!