Friday, September 21, 2007

Damn, Why Didn't I Think of That

Our pal Fairlane of Jones Town has come up with a really great idea, that I wish I had thought of:

Newt Gingrich declared he will run if his supporters can raise $30 million duckets. Although I don’t particularly care for Newt Gingrich nor do I buy
his “I’m Reformed, and Have Perspective” Routine, I must admit this plan is

So, I’ve decided to begin taking donations. If we (And I really mean You) can raise $10 million, I promise to run as well.

I’m not sure where I’ll run (I have some friends in Italy), but I promise if we can meet this goal (And I know we can) I will most assuredly run.

Well, I'm not too proud to piggyback on a good idea. For a mere $2 million, I will run, too. Ok, I had to give up recreational running a couple of years ago, thanks to a bad knee. But every time shrub speaks I have a sudden urge to run, screaming, to a saner part of the world. Heck, I'm open to reader suggestions as to where I should run to.


Demeur said...

Oh Py, I laughed so hard I choked. Then I thought hell you couldn't do any worse than the thieves and liers we have in office. How about a $1 in change to be president. I can see it now staff workers by the side of the road with cardboard signs 'spare change for the future prez'. Hell it might work.

mark hoback said...

go for it!

Mauigirl said...

I like your idea! As for location, I'm thinking of New Zealand, myself.

Distributorcap said...

well there was a song back in the 60s called "Nowhere to Run" but since Saddam killed all the Mandelas, Martha Reeves will just have to sing it on her own

i am afraid there is nowhere to run from this plastic turkey president

Fran said...

Py - I will send you my bottle refund money next week. Love FranIam and a million empty beer bottles for peace

Anonymous said...

You can go to Italy with me. My family has some friends there "in the know," if you know what I mean.