Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mogollon Musings

So I'm outside a bar, having a smoke, and we're debating the rethug debate. We agree that there are no sane rethug candidates.

Then the Mormon missionaries stop by. This is an ongoing drama. The missionaries come by once a week, and we have a pleasant conversation about the nature of "god". I point out that guys smoking outside a bar aren't likely to convert, but I must admit that I respect their dedication. I should include that our local missionaries are two women, one a tall blond who speaks rarely, and the other being a young women from Fiji.

I'm going to get shallow here. The pretty little woman from Fiji is cute enough that I would debate carbon molecule chains with her. Actually, religion led to philosophy, which led to belief systems, which led back to politics. She is for Romney, which I argued (lack of substance), and I realized why I am afraid of people who "believe" something.

But I look forward to next weeks debate. If I'm going to debate a rethug then make it a cute one.


Fran said...

What a great post! I love it.

You know Py, I hope I can offer some proof that "believing" in something does not mean abdicating one's intellect.

Of course I am married, far away and frankly at 49, not at my most attractive! Oh, and I am not a Mormon or a missionary!

Have fun with the missionaries!!

pygalgia said...

Hey, they've been coming by the brewery every Tuesday. I respect everyones right to believe what they believe. I just find it ironic that they are trying to convert us. But the woman (almost said "girl") from Fiji is very willing to engage in conversation, and so am I.

Fran said...

That is a very Mormon-ian thing. They especially love you hard to get types.

It is too long a story for here, but I used to be friends with a young Catholic priest. When he was studying in DC in the late 80's he encountered some Mormon missionaries and they got into a whole conversation.

The Mormons then would show up at his seminary regularly to follow up.