Thursday, October 11, 2007

World's Oldest Painting?


Found in Syria, the oldest (known) painting in the world:

French archaeologists have discovered an 11,000-year-old wall painting underground in northern Syria which they believe is the oldest in the world.

The 2 square-meter painting, in red, black and white, was found at the Neolithic settlement of Djade al-Mughara on the Euphrates, northeast of the city of Aleppo, team leader Eric Coqueugniot told Reuters.

"It looks like a modernist painting. Some of those who saw it have likened it to work by (Paul) Klee. Through carbon dating we established it is from around 9,000 B.C.," Coqueugniot said.;_ylt=ApkCTGMOy1IXOffiSwkTkOPK.nQA

Another reason to prevent "the Cheney" from starting a war with Syria.

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Anonymous said...

Our hubris regarding these ancient cultures is downright embarassing. Of course I disagree with many aspects of those "macho" cultures, but I don't see how we think that bluster and firepower are anyway to deal with people who will die for a cause. Our threats are meaningless to those in power.