Friday, January 11, 2008

Aches (and some pains)

So I was out working a side job today. Normally, I don't say much about my various not-full-time jobs, but today left me sore. I spent the day pruning apple trees.
I'm a fairly physical guy, and I've done my share of hard labor. Many of my recent temp work has involved moving large, heavy objects. I'm good at that.
Pruning trees involves a lot of reaching over your head. I haven't done that as much. Certain muscles are telling me that. Reaching overhead for an object is one thing. Reaching overhead for hours hurts. At least, in certain muscles.
Where's my masseuse when I need her?
p.s. I shouldn't complain. Zymurgian made a killer dinner.


Anonymous said...

Sore shoulders? Sounds like the first couple of days I get back out into the garden at the end of winter.

Thank goodness for Z and his dinner killing skills.

ellroon said...

A soak in a warm bath? (After your masseuse is done, of course.)

Take care of yourself.

Mauigirl said...

Hope you've recovered from your manual labor. I can relate; anytime I shovel snow or do anything I'm not used to, I feel it!

I'm so out of shape that one of my New Year's resolutions (walking up the stairs to the first floor at my job instead of taking the elevator) backfired on me - I was talking to somebody in the hall and he asked "Are you OK?" I said "Why, what?" and he said "You seem as if you're out of breath." I was mortified to admit it was from having walked up the stairs several minutes earlier!