Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Quick New Hampshire Comment

Just a quick observation; the polls were way wrong. But the numbers I'm noticing: voter turnout. Turnout for the Dems is way up. Turnout for the reptiles is down from '04, and may be lower than in 2000.

If you were taking CNN seriously, you would think New Hampshire IS the presidential election. Please tell 'ol Wolf to look on the next page of his calendar, around 2/5. Might be some more votes.

That, and Mike Gravel has 305 votes (last screen I saw), so his campaign is still alive. Uhm, party like it's 1973, Mike.


Mauigirl said...

I know, Wolf had to correct himself a few times in his reporting, made it sound like this was IT.

It's going to be a long campaign now - Hillary and Obama are going to have to fight it out. Edwards said he's still in it but I'm having doubts...

Distributorcap said...

cant watch Wolf --- everything for him is doomsday and the most importnat thing in the world

matter of fact cant watch any of them

ellroon said...

Hilarious sign, Pygalgia! Have stolen it (with linkage).

And yes, I am sick of the blovating airbags frothing on the airwaves about what we should think and how we should vote.

It's just New Hampshire not the fucking Sermon on the Mount. Jesus.

welby said...

I can't find anything to corroborate the idea that Republican voter turnout was down from '04 or '00. The sources that I've checked don't break down the Democrat to Republican turnout in previous years, but the old record for total turnout was 396,385 in 2000. Republican turnout this year was at 238,850 (before the town of Windsor reported in), which (if down from 00) would mean Republican turnout in 2000 would've accounted for 60% of primary goers. I don't think the idea that Republican turnout was down jives with reality.

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