Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Iowa Game

Dems win 3-1. I made a prediction at skippy the bush kangaroo, and it looks good.

these are the players and their top three picks:

pygalgia: obama, edwards, clinton.
reader frankdawg81: clinton, obama, edwards.
fouro: clinton, edwards, obama (and a side of onion rings).
reader kulkuri: edwards, obama, clinton.
chuck the moderate man*: clinton, obama, edwards.
frederick*: edwards, obama, clinton.
the cultureghost*: clinton, obama, edwards.
dr. dbk*: clinton, edwards, obama.
and my own picks: clinton, edwards, obama.

as for the republican side... who cares?

may the best handicapper(s) win...

I really was trying to guess the "second vote", but not bad. Current results:

Senator Barack Obama : 36.68%
Senator John Edwards : 30.24%
Senator Hillary Clinton : 29.99%
Governor Bill Richardson : 2.01%
Senator Joe Biden : 0.94%
Uncommitted : 0.11%
Senator Chris Dodd : 0.03%
Precincts Reporting: 1487 of 1781

Damn, I might know this game.


Jim Yeager said...

Nicely done.

The rest of us didn't do so well, though...

SweaterMan said...

Very nicely done.

I actually thought the #1 & #2 positions would've been flipped, but, given the press treatment of Edwards, it's not surprising he's got negative impressions for folks.

But, Jee-bus, 240K Dems came out in the cold to caucus? Against 90K Repubs? Sweet.

And, thanks Repubs for going for another no-brain candidate. Let's watch what the GOP money machine does now (Romney is my guess, after McCain shot himself in the foot yesterday by saying he hopes we're in Iraq for 100 years).