Saturday, January 5, 2008

Odds and Ends from a Political Saturday

I spent the day working at the county Democratic headquarters. I was scheduled to help set up a computer bank, made up of leftovers from richer counties. But we also had a voter registration table. Both were fun.
On the computer front, the state party bought us a nice, new server. They also sent a dozen old computers. Some really old. A guy named "Ian" and I got to play "make a working computer" out of these parts. "I've got a working hard drive here" and "this processor is workable" were common comments. Ian had the best line: "If we were Republicans, we'd just buy new ones", but we're not. We got 8 operational systems out of them.
On the voter registration front, I found a lot of reason to be optimistic. We registered 30 people to vote, on a snowy, cold Saturday, and 18 of those were under 30 years of age. While I've grown skeptical of the "youth vote", I'm seeing more young people getting involved.


FranIAm said...

Voter registration? When you talk like that Py, I get a little tingly.

That's just the kind of wonky girl I am... voter registration excites me, what can I tell you.

(am i still a girl at 50? i think so!)

Also, love the imagery of cobbling together a working pc!

pygalgia said...

We actually got 8 working stations out of the 12 carcasses.
And, yeah, I get excited by registering voters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this good work! That was a productive Saturday!