Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Fist Bump Day

Remember June 3rd, 2008? The fist bump heard ‘round the world? Now we can celebrate it as another holiday!

This June 3, a group of media and design impresarios are promoting “National
Fist Bump Day
” in honor of the anniversary. They want to celebrate a new iconic American expression of authenticity, political transparency and of course, change we can believe in.

"The idea behind National Fist Bump Day is to give Americans a chance to make the world a slightly better place with a simple and fun gesture of respect," says David Weiner, one of the organizers, along with Sarah Greenwalt. “It may not solve the world's problems, but it can at least reaffirm the fact that in the end, we all can get down with each other.”

Sweaterman, I expect you to be out knocking knuckles for the good of America today.
(H/T Booman Tribune)

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