Friday, June 5, 2009

Physical Therapy Update

(old x-ray; I don't have copies of the more recent ones)
I'm stiff and sore today, as a result of how hard I pushed myself in physical therapy yesterday. It's the price I expect to pay, and I'm not complaining. I've been really aggressive in my PT program, and both my surgeon and therapist have expressed concern that I might overdo it. I feel comfortable on how hard I'm pushing myself, and that I'm in touch with my body and know when to stop. It's hard to explain, but I know which pain is "good pain" and which pain means "stop!" But I'm highly motivated, and I have a goal: I want to get back on the river, so my shoulder has to get better. In my next step toward that goal, I'm doing Animas River Days next weekend on a paddle raft. It's a lower impact way to start with class 2 and 3 rapids, and being part of a paddle crew rather than full on oar rowing. At least one of my fellow boaters is nervous about my readiness, but I think I've convinced him that I'm up for it. This isn't the Canyon, or even the Juan. It's the Animas, and my shoulder is feeling stronger every day. So I'll keep working hard, even if it sometimes hurts.


Demeur said...

I feel for you. My right sholder froze up after about six months of not working. I went in to see the Dr. She told me to take two asprin and see another Dr. The dimwit. It's coming back on it's own. And for that advice I had to pay good money.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Heyo! Been away for an age, back from knee replacement. You have my total sympathy. Pain sucks. I do my best at PT, but the pain meds make things worse, in a way. At any rate, I'm trying to get off them right now. Glad to see yer still around, and doing OK, and best wishes for your shoulder.

Monkeyfister said...


It's good to read about positive traction, buddy!

I did exactly the same thing once I got to that certain level of functionality-- I got back out there, doing some of that wicked outdoors testing. You're going to feel a world better having gone out and given it a workout. I hope all goes well, and nothing but fun stories will follow on your return!