Saturday, June 6, 2009

Moving the Democratic Party

Well, OK, just the local one. I'm off to help with moving the local Democratic party headquarters to a new office. The old office was in a warehouse by the railroad tracks, but now the party is moving into a real office near the public library. Don't know how this will impact politics or party policies, but we'll have a barbecue at the end of the move.

And completely unrelated news: in a World Cup qualifying match North Korea and Iran tied 0-0. There must be a joke in there somewhere, but I just can't think of one.
(added: never mind. Iran won the rematch 1-0)


Demeur said...

Maybe Iran could afford to pay off the refs.


I noticed your post on Watergate Summer (Allie). I clicked to get your profile, and lo' and behold I see we're vacationing not far from you.

When we camp at the Grand Canyon, we stay at the RV park in Williams, but when we visit a few days, we always come to Flagstaff because I love the entire town. Fact is, we almost moved there after we visited (we live in Laughlin, NV).

I noticed this post and the date; interesting isn't it that North Korea is rattling its chains and Iran is coping with election issues. Two very volatile nations; 2 who played against each other, and Iran wins 1-0 as you posted.

Are we to see these two countries as serious concerns for our current president? I'm 67 years old, and it seems like it's 'recycling' the same type of problems we've encountered in the USA for as long as I can remember hearing the news.

Then I saw you took a picture of the solar-powered trash compactor/compacter (sp????), and I thought how odd that I'd noticed these myself when we got to Flagstaff a few days ago before we headed back to Williams.

Interesting....compacting trash - at the side of the curb or in the MSM - twitter/tweet/bloggers, sometimes too much 'trash compacting' after way too much has been spread.

I'm beginning to find myself wondering how legitimate much of our I-net news is lately; even more so, our television news.

Frankly, I think there is a 'joke in there', and the joke just might be on us in the U.S.

In any case, I liked the other photographs and entries; I love Flagstaff, and am happy I can get there in less than 4 hours.

I love the way the mountain is capped with snow; then the fog and mist hang over it, and the down-town area; the older part, and the railroad depot as well as the rock shops; art galleries, and excellent food.

I've been coming to Flagstaff and the Chili Cook-off for some time; you have a wonderful 'spot' in this beautiful country of ours.

I enjoyed your articles and thoughts very much.