Friday, August 14, 2009

Why They Lie

The latest round of right-wing lies, the "death panels", shouldn't be a surprise. They know that this type of lies work. The "Willie Horton" ads worked. The "Swift Boat" ads worked. They were lies, but they managed to obscure the truth in enough minds to actually win. So this shouldn't come as any surprise, either:

Leaked memo shows energy industry execs sending employees to industry sponsored events to play average citizens outraged about cap-n-trade.

In short, expect the same type of lies, loudly shouted, as we move toward any attempt at energy reform. The screams of "euthanasia" and "socialism" have effectively scuttled any real health reform, and those who oppose energy reform will adopt the same tactics.
Because lying, loudly and repeatedly, works.


One Fly said...

If they don't lie,cheat or steal they can't win. Been that way forever. And Big Whore Media enables that.

Demeur said...

I think this is starting to backfire on them. When they agreed to life directives a few months ago and now say something insane the other side of the isle has no choice but to finish the job without them. Remember "they" are writing this legislation not the public. We've gotten to the point where the right has lied so much that few people should believe anything they say now. Remember the boy who cried wolf?