Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beer and Health Care

Tonight Obama will give his "really important" health care speech to congress, and the county democratic party is holding a viewing party at my favorite bar. Wednesday is also $2.00 pint special, so this might be an amusing time. The bar regulars include a number of political junkies of various stripes (I'm the one on the far left), and we've already had some great debates on health care. Throw the local democratic activists into the mix, and this could be as entertaining as a football game.
I don't actually expect all that much from Obama's speech, but I really hope he comes out strong on the public option. I fear he's already lost the momentum on health care, and to actually achieve meaningful reform is going to take more back room arm twisting than fancy speeches. But a good speech won't hurt. We'll see what we get.
I'll be getting the $2.00 Lagunitas Hop Stoopid; that much I know.

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