Monday, September 7, 2009

Gaining a Bird

Due to multiple twists of fate (trust me; you don't want to know), I've become "the people" for a beautiful female grey cockatiel. She's very friendly, but she's been "lost" and "rescued", so a little traumatized.
I've had many birds in my life, and she seems like a good one.

But I need a good name for her.

Any suggestions?
Added: She seems to think that the 'best perch in the world' is on top of my head. Even when I'm trying to cook. My hair tie fascinates her. We're working on this relationship.
Added added: She likes chicken quesadilla's way too much. Back to the cage with you, until I'm done eating.

Update: We've settled on the name "Griselda", meaning "Grey Maiden Warrior". She seems to respond well to the name.


Lockwood said...

Not feasible, I suppose, but "Boobie" springs to mind.

As I've read about bird behavior and intelligence over the last 15 or so years, I've felt more and more that I'd like to have one as a pet. But I'm really too erratic to be a good bird keeper. And a feral cat has adopted me. So it's really out of the question.

I'm jealous, neverthless.

pygalgia said...

Thanks. Actually, I only plan on keeping her until a better home can be found. I don't need the responsibility, once I'm strong enough to get back on the river. And Cockatiels, like all parrots, do better when they can socialize with others of there own.