Thursday, September 3, 2009

Biden States the Obvious

The Vice-President talks about health care (finally):

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Vice President Joe Biden promised Thursday that President Obama will delve into specifics when he tackles health care reform in a highly anticipated speech to a joint session of Congress next week.

"I think the prospects for success are high," he said. "We're going to get something substantial ... [but] it's going to be an awful lot of screaming and hollering before we get there."

(emphasis mine)

Uh, Joe; we've had a lot of "screaming and hollering" already. What we need is a clear, solid plan.
I have been wondering where Biden was in the health care reform effort. The main blockade is the Senate, where Mr. Biden has a long history and a lot of connections. He would seem to be in the best position to act as "arm-twister-in-chief" for the administration. But until now, I'd heard nothing from him. That doesn't mean that he hasn't been active behind the scenes, but I've seen no evidence that he has.
If we're really going to get meaningful health care reform, the administration is going to have to use every tool they have to push it through. A little more "LBJ" and less "Jimmy Carter".

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