Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Paucity of Posts

Sorry that I haven't posted much lately. It's because...

Well, I have no good excuse. I haven't been that busy, and there are plenty of issues to rant about.

But I can't figure out what I want to say. The political discourse has become so absurd that a logical response is almost pointless and impossible.

Somehow, providing health care to Americans has become a threat our freedom. The rethugs are protecting our right to die if we're not profitable, because providing treatment to poor people will kill Grandma. Or something like that. (here are the five biggest lies)

Torture is a good solid American value, as long as it's done to Muslims. And prosecuting crimes after the fact (how do you prosecute them before the fact?) must be politically motivated.

Spending trillions on wars is good fiscal policy, but investing in a better America will increase the deficit.

Screaming and waving guns are good Christian acts, but "love your neighbor" doesn't apply if your neighbor loves the wrong way.

Obama is the new "Hitler", whereas shrub and the Cheney never tried to expand government authority (except for our own good).

And on and on...

It was all so much easier during the shrub administration. I knew exactly what I was ranting against. But the Obama administration has acted like a soggy waffle, and the right wing is full blown batshit crazy (but still taken seriously). Common sense is nearing extinction, along with reasoned debate. Facts and logic have become irrelevant.

Lately, when I have the urge to add my 1.5 cents to the discourse, I end up overwhelmed with a sense of "why bother?" The folks who agree with me already know, and the rest aren't going to listen. It's rather frustrating.

Hopefully I'll regain some motivation soon. I still have plenty of opinions. But my current feeling is:


Mike Goldman said...

Yeah, it's why I moved on to Facebook... Certainly wouldn't want to let Sarah Palin control that noosphere. And when I've got nothing to say about politics directly, there's always music.

urland said...

Sorry your feeling grubby from all the insane belief system flying around bro. I'll try and stop by and hoist a pint with you tomorrow. We can pinch the bartender and see what she says. Of course if it's a guy I'll let you do the pinching and I'm pretty sure what he'll say to you :-)

Lockwood said...

You have put your finger on exactly what has been tormenting me. If we're arguing over fantasies and delusions, I'm not sure I see the point. Where's my pony?

hotclaws said...

It's difficult watching American politics because it affects the UK and we ordinary folks have even less control over that than over our own silly billies.,

Demeur said...

Sad to think that the right can mobilize a small bunch of crazies to make it appear that the U.S. is against healthcare reform. Sader still is the thought that a life is worth less than an executive's bonus.
Only wish I was either rich or poor because being in the middle I know I'm screwed.