Thursday, September 3, 2009

Odds or Ends

Stuff in my life:
Arguing with my local "libertarian", who doesn't want government "control". But he does want all those things that government actually does. He actually said "we need a better health care system" and "we don't need government messing with health care" in the same 2 minute conversation. He had no answers, except "no government". He's actually a nice guy, but we don't quite see the same world.
When the last person you had a sexual relationship with calls and says "I may have an STD", and you can't quite remember if you may have forgotten a condom once, it's nice to hear "the test came back negative".
My friends "T" and "S", who I wished a 'Happy Anniversary' last week (I performed the wedding), were celebrating in Cabo San Lucas. Somebody called "Jimena" crashed the party, but they are fine, and having fun by helping the locals (they're like that).
The next person who offers me "holistic" health advice for my shoulder is going to get punched (the left is still solid). I've looked at the MRI. The labrum is inflamed from over work. I need to back off and let it heal. All your herbs and reicki and "healing hands" are very nice. But it's still a matter of time, and me holding myself back.
That's what's on my mind. What's on yours?

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