Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Fire Update

The Schultz fire continues to grow, now over 10,000 acres (15 square miles), with 10% containment. No houses have been destroyed, but several neighborhoods remain evacuated. An Abandoned campfire cause of Schultz fire, investigators say, which doesn't surprise me, as we get a lot of idiots camping up here this time of year. Fire restrictions begin Wednesday in the Coconino, Kaibab, and Prescott National Forests, and there's a lot of local outrage that the restrictions weren't in place earlier.
The wildfire now burning northeast of Schultz Pass is larger in area than the whole base of Mount Elden. And it could overrun Lockett Meadow at the foot of the Inner Basin of the San Francisco Peaks, say fire officials, who plan to spend at least a week fighting it. Lockett Meadow is a truly stunningly beautiful place with huge Aspen groves known for their dramatic fall foliage, and I hope that the fire spares it.
There are reported to be over 800 firefighters on location, and slurry bombers are flying overhead constantly. We're all very grateful for these folks, who are the best in the business.
Of side interest, the fire was initially spotted by a good friend of mine who works as a forest service lookout. He's retired from actual firefighting, but has many decades of experience and a ton of expertise on wildfires, and his outlook is grim. Between the wind and the rugged terrain, it's going to be very difficult to get this fire under control.

Here's a satellite photo showing the smoke from the fire already extending all the way to the four corners region. That's a hell of a lot of smoke, and the steady wind has carried it quite a distance.
Just a quick note for those who expressed concerns for my safety, I'm fine. My little apartment is in the heart of downtown, and there's an awful lot of civilization between me and the wilderness.
Today is going to be another windy day, although hopefully less windy than yesterday, so it's far from over.

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I think I know why it's hazy here. This is not good.