Monday, June 21, 2010

Schultz Fire Update

When I posted about the Schultz fire yesterday, it was estimated to have consumed 500 acres. The latest radio report has it at 8,850 acres, with 0% containment. In short, it's spreading very rapidly. Luckily (sort of) it's moving to the northeast, which is wilderness, not residential. With relatively high winds today (around 30 mph), and given the very rugged terrain, this fire is only going to get worse.
One odd, sad twist from the two fires: the Hardy fire forced the evacuation of our local humane society animal shelter. All the animals were moved to the 'Second Chance' animal shelter. Now the Schultz fire has forced the evacuation of that shelter, and an emergency animal shelter is being set up at the county fairgrounds. Tough couple of days for all those critters, but it's even worse for the wildlife.
(another slurry bomber just flew over my apartment)
It's a very bad day for those of us with breathing problems.


One Fly said...

Please keep these coming Pygalgia.

Suzanne said...

thanks for the update dood. the fire has been on my local oregon news -- i've been worried and am glad to see these updates.