Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Fire

Great. Now there's a second fire, burning up at Schultz Pass about 5 miles north of town. Several neighborhoods being evacuated. It's reported to be near 500 acres, and spreading fast.
It's gonna be a scary summer until the monsoon rains get here.
Added: The Hardy fire was caused by a stupid camper (now under arrest) having an unsafe campfire. No word yet on the cause of the Schultz fire, but I'm certain it's human caused. The only question is if it was arson or idiocy.
Also, just added these pictures, which I took from around the corner from my apartment.


One Fly said...

You betcha-real special. Good luck to all. We have been so lucky the last few years but it's just a matter of time and that's without the human equation.

Suzanne said...

stay safe dood. tis gonna be a rough fire season i fear...