Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A good analogy

At Sabdariffa, Hibiscus posts a really good analogy on global warming. Well worth reading.

this is the last thing i'm going say here on the issue of whether it's settled science that we're responsible for creating this warming climate. i don't see the point in trying to convince people of anything. as far as i'm concerned, we're years late, and what we need to do is to develop social frameworks for facing the challenge, or we're fucked.


let's say, tomorrow morning, you wake up with a stomach cramp. that's sort of how it feels. maybe you're a little constipated but mostly what you have is some abdominal discomfort. you go through the day and still, pain. you take some antacids, they don't help. nothing helps with the constipation, either. getting uncomfortable.

you're busy. it goes on for a couple days like this. finally, you decide to see a doctor, somebody who can see you right away, and the doctor, after examining your rectum, and x-raying your rectum, says,

"there's a growth on your colon. my guess: cancer. it's pretty small, not hard to remove. i can schedule for you — next week."

you go to ten more, a hundred more. every single asshole saying the same fucking thing — growth. cancer. surgery. you've looked it up on the net. it could be a dozen other things! and the doctors all give you the same lame reasons that your self-diagnoses are wrong, wrong, wrong. idiots!

woah, you think. surgery? forget it! the doctor strongly advises the surgery, because it'll be reasonably easy, but you have some pretty strong feelings against having knives inside you. so you go for a second opinion, and the second doctor says,

"there's a growth on your colon. my guess: cancer. it's pretty small, not hard to remove. i can —"

what is with these people, with this surgery thing? you are so outta there. try again:

"i hate to tell you this, but it looks there's a growth —"

and another: "could be colon cancer. i'd get it out, fast."

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