Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm confused

Reading about the Paul Wolfowitz scandal has me really confused. OK, the guy got his girlfriend a REALLY big raise at the World Bank, so that her salary is higher than the Secretary of State. He broke the rules of the World Bank to do this. Simple cronyism I understand.
But what confuses is me is this: Wolfowitz the comb-sucker is married with children, but is openly rewarding his self acknowledged girlfriend. And the right-wing is OK with this? I seem to remember that there was some sort of kerfuffle about extra-marital affairs a few years back that really upset a lot of the righties. Now, they're behaving like the French accepting that a married man can openly keep a mistress? OK.
So: as a republican, sex is OK outside of marriage; but as a democrat, blow jobs are an outrage.
My liberal mind can't grasp right-wing morals.
Added: Yes, he is "separated" from his wife.

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Anonymous said...

Simple, IOKIYAR.