Saturday, April 14, 2007

Satire of the day

Our buddy Tom has a post that I must link to. Just too good:
"Bush to Name Corruption Czar"

WASHINGTON, April 13 - Admitting that corruption is "not going as smoothly
as we'd like", White House spokesman Scott Stanzel announced today that Bush
plans to name a high-powered 'corruption czar' to oversee all aspects of corruption in the executive branch. Stanzel acknowledged public disapprovel of the administration's corruption efforts, and said the new post is the centerpiece of a plan to "get corruption back on track."

Stanzel tried to emphasize the positive aspects of creating the post, noting the growing importance of corruption under the Bush administration. The federal corruption budget has expanded by 17,000% since early 2001, and insiders estimate that at least 47% of the executive branch payroll currently works full-time on

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