Monday, July 23, 2007

Call Your Congress Critter

The call for impeachment just got louder:

Bree Walker told me, on the air, that Conyers said that all he needs is three more Congress Members backing impeachment, and he’ll move on it, even without Pelosi. I asked whether that meant specifically moving from 14 cosponsors of H Res 333 to 17, or adding 3 to the larger number of Congress Members who have spoken favorably of impeachment but not all signed onto bills. Bree said she didn’t know and that Conyers had declined to take any questions.

Either way, this target of three more members seems perfectly doable. It’s safe to assume, I think, that we’re talking about impeaching Cheney first. But, even if Conyers is talking about Bush, the target is perfectly achievable.

Here's the contact info:
Added for fun:
How Our Government Works

There are three branches of government: the Executive, The Legislative, and the Judicial. The Legislative and Judicial branches both report to the Executive (see chart). Underneath are various other parts of the government, like the Department of Justice, the Federal Courts, and
the Republican Party, who all report to the Office of the President, who reports to the Office of the Vice President.

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