Thursday, July 26, 2007

It is a Constitutional Crisis

OK, I'm beyond being shocked by anything from our shrub's mis-administration. But we're now at a point where congress must stand up or become irrelevant.

Alberto On Thin Ice

Democratic Representative Jane Harman, formerly the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee and Jay Rockefeller, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee contradicted Alberto Gonzales’ testimony Tuesday about a congressional briefing in 2004 regarding the Terrorists Surveillance Program. Then Wednesday night, Gonzales was busted by the Associated Press and tagged for perjuring himself at Tuesday’s testimony. Arlen Specter has already warned Gonzales against perjuring himself. And Pat Leahy has now threatened a perjury probe.

When the head of our law enforcement decides that he is above the law he must be removed.

Otherwise there is NO LAW.

Nowhere is the Republican ability to lie, cheat and use dirty tricks to get what
it wants more obvious than in the person of Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General
and longtime Bush-pal. He's in the position of an inveterate liar who can't recall all the lies he's told anymore. So he's dropped the ball on the existance of more secret warrantless spying programs that even the last AG thought were illegal, pretended to be dumbfounded by unprecedented authority over the DoJ by administration officials when he signed the order for it, and generally left himself in a position where impeachment looks like the best option.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the Cheney advisor who was doing Fourth Branch's dirty work in bacckstabbing Condi Rice and convincing people to talk Bush into attacking Iran is resigning - and finding it difficult to get a new job.

The pattern of arrogance has been expanding over recent months. The administration has thumbed it's nose at congress for way too long.

There are three steps for the House to bringing contempt charges against an
individual: committee approval, a floor vote in the House, and a referral to the
U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia.

The House passed step one

Impeachment is the only means left to save our constitution.

Added: The senate has taken the first steps:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democrats called for a special counsel to investigate whether Attorney General Alberto Gonzales lied under oath and subpoenaed top presidential aide Karl Rove Thursday in a widening probe into the dismissal of federal prosecutors.

"It has become apparent that the attorney general has provided at a minimum half-truths and misleading statements," four members of the Senate Judiciary Committee wrote in a letter to Solicitor General Paul Clement.

They dispatched the letter shortly before Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., announced the subpoena of Rove, the president's top political strategist.

"We have now reached a point where the accumulated evidence shows that political considerations factored into the unprecedented firing of at least nine United States Attorneys last year," said Leahy, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.;_ylt=AuU6KPTF.HIrjf5.8iOgl4OMwfIE


fairlane said...

What a do-boy.

Look at his handler gazing upon him with such admiration.

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That's why I chose the pic.

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Man, Gonzalez is a very creepy person.