Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Post You Can Ignore

I'm going to ramble here, so please feel free to ignore this post.
Cheney and Obama are 8th cousins? Well, my sister (a christian republican) took over the family genealogy research after my father passed, and she found that we are 5th cousins to our shrub. She announced this with pride. I'm with Obama: "Every family has its black sheep". But as long as we're related, I want to say "Hey shrub, can I get one of those no bid contracts? I can do almost nothing for a ton of money as well as the next guy".
I went to the brewery to watch game seven of the ALCS. Unfortunately, a redneck sat down next to me. I love a good political debate, but this guy wanted to complain about "Liberals" during the GAME. Idiot. So I decided to watch at home. I'm writing this during commercials (I hate commercials), with no rednecks yelling in my ear.
One of my housemates (well, OK, all of them) has a minor sanity deficiency. We call him the "attack hamster", because he's small but ferocious. But now he's taken to sleeping in a hammock in the back yard on any night that will get below freezing. That's right: Below freezing. This old hippie believes in letting everybody do their own thing, but it's really cold out there. Just looking at that hammock sends me to grab another blanket.
Added: While I'm watching the game, there is a commercial for a medication for bipolar disorder. Psychiatric medication being advertised? WTF?


Fran said...

With your "shirt-tail" cousin in the White House, psychiatric meds must be advertised.

This country is lost Py, lost lost lost.

And if Pete Stark apologizes before Eric Prince, Dick Cheney or George Bush do, I am leaving!

Anonymous said...

Cripes! I missed reading you this past week.

I feel like my IQ was just elevated by several points....good to be home.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Boston and I used to love the Sox (remember the great Luis Tiant? El Tiante!). Couldn't give a **** anymore. Sports doesn't interest me at all.

Return some sanity to the country and I might be interested again. Until then, it's like Hitler's Olympics to me.

pygalgia said...

Fillip, I'm sorry for you. I admit that baseball is trivial in these times, but sometimes I need the diversion. I cannot live every hour of my life outraged. I need music and beauty and, yes, baseball sometimes just to retain some sanity.

Suzy said...

See? SEE? Dana Perrino is right: Global warming will be good for your hammock sleeping roommate!

I agree, there is something sick about psychiatric medication -- ANY medication -- being advertised on tv, with the "Ask your doctor about ..." tag.