Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tonights Joke

For a while this evening, one corner of the brewery was "Pygalgia". Sweaterman, Zymurgian, Gandhisxmas, and I were all together for a beer. And 3 dozen unwritten posts were debated. Bottom line: we're a pretty lazy group of bloggers.
But we can tell jokes.
My contribution:
Two early Cavemen, Ugh and Thak, are sitting by a fire.
Ugh is really good at naming things. He named "rock" and "tree", then he even found the word "wet". Thak was impressed.So, while sitting by the fire, Ugh looks at his hand and tells Thak " I use this hand to throw rock. I use this hand to cut meat. I'll call this hand the 'right hand', because it is the 'right' hand to use".
Thak has to ask him "what will you call the one that's left?".
Please feel free to put your joke in the comments.
Added: The joke is funnier when acted out.

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