Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Apple Cup

I don't pay much attention to college football...except the Apple cup. I have a degree from the University of Washington, but I also attended Washington State University. So the Apple cup matters.
Maybe it's shallow, but I care about who wins this game.
I went to my local brewery to watch the game. Wrong move. What I wanted was a a beer and a football game. What I got was a mentally ill woman and two drunks in search of a fight. I'm usually surrounded by smart people who discuss politics and literature and art. Not tonight.
So I'm watching the 100th apple cup at home.
Who were those people in my brewery?
(Go Huskies).
So, I'll ask the question: Is there a college football game that you care about?
(update: we lost. I'm over it.)


Demeur said...

It was sad to see the UW fall to the cougers considering all the great wins they had under Lambright in years past, but after the recruiting problems of the past I guess they are playing by the rules now. Hope the Cougs go on to do great the rest of the year at least their one of our state teams.

Mathman6293 said...

The importance of local college football rivalries can not be discounted. Too bad about the drunks.

My rivalry is Indiana vs. Purdue. The good thing for me and my fellow alums at Mathman H.S. is that there are no Purdue alums for us to brawl.