Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bad Timing

My refrigerator died. When I needed it. Damn.
Any of you know how to repair a 'fridge?


Demeur said...

Unfortunately with the new environmental laws you may not be able to fix it yourself. An example: If the motor has gone bad and you want to replace it you would need to drain and capture the refrigerant, replace the motor with a new motor then recharge the thing. To do that requires special tools and certifications and the won't sell you that if you don't have a card. Federal regs you know. And if you hire a repairman to come out and fix it you can land up paying nearly the price of a new one.
My advice is head down to the local appliance store and check out a new one. Make sure they'll cart the old one off and deliver the new one at no charge. Lowes had such a deal in the last couple of months.
Isn't living in the land of disposible products grand?

Justin said...

First, the landlord needs to replace it, as flighty as he may be.

Second, This happened to my fridge last year, make sure the cooling vents havent frozen up with precipitation. Let it thaw out for 24-48 hrs. If this is the problem it should work great once the vents are cleared.

Third, google the symptoms, there are good fix it yourself sites on the web I use to fix appliances, it could be a fuse, regulator, relay,..something cheap and easy.

If the compressor is out, so is the fridge.Forget about it!

I actually support the federal regs that limit our ability to fix old fridges, those CFCs/HCFCS are nasty chemicals that cause climate change and destroy stratospheric ozone.

good luck


pygalgia said...

Actually, I can't stick the landlord with this one. The fridge is mine, not the landlords. We still have the landlords fridge, which is old and innefficient, so we may be hooking it back up. We'll see.