Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Statement on Pakistan

I'm wondering if shrub and the cheney aren't jealous of Musharraf in Pakistan. Here's what shrub said:

President Bush yesterday offered his strongest support of embattled Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, saying the general "hasn't crossed the line" and "truly is somebody who believes in democracy."

Bush spoke nearly three weeks after Musharraf declared emergency rule, sacked members of the Supreme Court and began a roundup of journalists, lawyers and human rights activists. Musharraf's government yesterday released about 3,000 political prisoners, although 2,000 remain in custody, according to the Interior

The comments, delivered in an interview with ABC News anchor Charles Gibson, contrasted with previous administration statements -- including by Bush himself -- expressing grave concern over Musharraf's actions. In his first public comments on the crisis two weeks ago, Bush said his aides bluntly warned Musharraf that his emergency measures "would undermine democracy."

The paranoid side of me responds: Do you really belive that? Because that is very scary when I look at our upcoming election.
Arresting your Opponents, including Supreme Court Justices, Suspending the Constitution, and Declaring Marshall Law IS NOT
CROSSING THE LINE and are the actions of someone who believes in

Just let that sink in.


fairlane said...

Martial Law=Freedom

I definitely see the connection.

Distributorcap said...

setting the stage for his own emergency rule

Mauigirl said...

Oh yeah, this just goes to show Bush would love to do the same thing here.