Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Explaining Las Vegas

A couple of my good friends are going to Las Vegas for the holiday weekend (I was the minister for their wedding) and, as it's their first time, they asked my advice (hey, I'm only 98 miles away, and I've gone there for many a good concert). I'll share it with you all too. First rule of Vegas: don't expect to win. They didn't build all those huge casinos and light shows by losing money. But you can find some bargains. In the process of trying to hoover your wallet, Vegas offers a lot of promotions, especially on food. Take advantage of them. Last time I was there, the hotel I stayed in offered a huge discount on breakfast. Eating on the cheap, I was fueled for the day.
Most casinos will give you free drinks while you gamble. It's a fine plan, but one you can take advantage of. The simple plan: don't lose much, but drink all you can. Play slow, drink fast. I usually stick to blackjack, because I can play the odds to lose slowly, but you can pick your game. Start with a budget that you plan to spend. Do NOT spend more. Instead, make the money last long enough that you get the equivalent value in drinks. Realize that you are paying for the entertainment, but don't be a "sucker". Las Vegas was built on "suckers".


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I've never been there, but I feel well armed in case I do go sometime.

Bing said...

I find gambling to be as much fun as dropping my quarters into someone else's bucket. But something that I do to keep track of how much I am losing: I keep my cash in one pocket. Anything that comes back to me goes in the other pocket. It's interesting to see how they shave a little off of your stack each time.

Also, you aren't winning it back!

See a show! Penn and Teller was good!


Mauigirl said...

Haven't ever been to Vegas; it doesn't really appeal to me. I totally believe you about it being made for suckers!

FranIAm said...

I have been to Las Vegas, I kid you not, approximately 60 times since my first trip in 1995. Most of my visits took place between July 1998 and September 2000, when it was part of a sales territory I managed.

There are things I love and things I hate about that crazy ass town. But one thing is this- it never fails on the best people watching ever anywhere IMHO.

You are so right about looking for ways to save and so so so right about the gambling.

When people go on and on about how much they won, I ask how much they spent - hotel, food, drinks and how much they put down before they won.

I say - the house wasn't built for you to win baby.

And make a limit and keep to it.

The one time I "won" big (and if I added up all the money I spent over time, who knows if I'd come out ahead) I put a twenty in a dollar slot at Bellagio and pulled a 3 dollar bet down.

Ding Ding Ding!!! I won $1600. I got my $18 change back and my $1600. My co-workers were shocked and dismayed when I did not gamble more. I was like "are you nuts?" That was my money, I won it and I was not going to give it back to Bellagio!

Great post Py. I haven't been around lately, time not on my side, but you never fail to educate and amuse. A great combo!