Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well, the town's slowly digging out. The storm wasn't the worst, but it was still pretty impressive:

This wasn't anywhere near the biggest storm recorded for Flagstaff -- 1967 still holds the record, with 7 feet of snow in a little more than a week.

But this week's storm did make the list for snowiest single days in the past century, as the 8th snowiest day on record for Flagstaff, according to Andrew Latto, meteorologist intern at the National Weather Service in Bellemont. From midnight on Sunday to midnight on Monday, 20.1 inches of snow was reported in Flagstaff. Also, winds during the storm reached 70 mph in Bellemont and 53 mph in Flagstaff, according to the National Weather Service.

Under the heading of 'things I'd rather not do', I have to make it to a doctors appointment. Wading through snow banks isn't as much fun as some would think.


Mauigirl said...

Good luck getting there.

All we had here was torrential rain. Sounds as if the whole middle of the country got walloped with snow!

Demeur said...

We set a record for cold here 18 degrees. Does that count?

pygalgia said...

Umm...18 degrees was a record? I admit that when I lived in WA I was more in the mountains...
Here, 18 degrees means it's about 10:00 am this time of year.