Monday, December 7, 2009

Yes, It's Winter

Yup, this storm is living up to its billing. Lots o' snow. Walked down to my favorite pub (locals know it's a fairly short walk) to make sure my favorite bartender wasn't lonely. He wasn't.
You get to know a bit about the character of a town when you have bad weather. Which locals are out, and the stories of who they've helped while being out.
Myself, I ended up helping a mother and daughter who's car got squished. They were traveling from New Mexico to San Diego, and hadn't planned for a storm, when their car got creamed. I was able to (after medical clearance) secure them lodging, feed them, and direct them toward the best local car rental (already closed because of blizzard; maybe tomorrow) before I had a beer.
I think I like living here. People try to help each other out when things get tough.
(p.s. Home and warm with Bailey's and coffee is good, too)

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Gordon said...

It's nice that you were able to help those folks.

It was kinda like a block party here. Everybody with a snowthrower and a dog was out in the street at the same time.

Bright sunshine today, but we're supposed to get more snow. The real fun will come on the weekend when we get to watch the skiers/boarders come to town and try to drive in the snow. Heh.