Saturday, February 3, 2007


It's Saturday night, and I'm bored. So you're stuck with my choice of pics.

My Cave

I live in a small cave. It is among the nicer caves I've lived in. Cold refrigerator, warm bed, internet on demand. Close to the "real" world. But it's still a cave. The fellow cavers are a wonderfully weird group (who have nice caves) that I thoroughly enjoy. But in the heart of Winter, it is still a cave.

I admit

I posted a picture of a boobie. And I'll do it again.

Nature to Humanity

Yes, I'll agree

The Blogs

Links are slowly being added. I have not linked to the big boyz( yo' because I assume you know them. I like to link to the "lesser known" blogs that I read. I am a small fish in this ocean. You may now resume a real life.

Stupor Bowl

Tomorrow is the annual stupor bowl party. I shall celebrate like a normal. Beer and munchies shall be consumed. My only reason to root for one side is political, as I've never lived in the midwest. I will root for the Bears only because Peyton Manning has always been a major fund raiser for Shrub and his cronies. Does it really matter who wins?


Is there a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than having a beer at the local microbrewery? Well, yes, but it involves things like rivers and beautiful women which I don't have available at this time. So Mogollon, here I come.

On the way to 2008

I'm a political junkie, but even I'm burning out on the early presidential campaign. Over a year until the first primary (schedule subject to change) and the posturing is already beyond belief. I'll be glad when someone other that Shrub is in the white house, but I'm beginning to dislike every one of the declared candidates. All the poll tested campaign statements are varieties of vanilla. Outside of Kucinich (who won't be elected, trust me), no one is going to offer anything dramatically different or controversial. So how should I keep my sanity in the face of 21 months of pablum?

Friday, February 2, 2007

where I stand

I have invited a few people to post here. The first guess writer is:

He's not here yet.

addendum: Yes, I meant "guess writer". It was intended to be punny.


The pet pics below are mixed. The boa is "atrocia" and she is a PET. The Komodo Dragon is named "melvin" and he is not a pet. I don't have room for a Komodo Dragon, no matter how cute.

To prove that I exist

Okay, the blog does exist. I now find myself wondering "will anybody notice?" given the brazillions of blogs out there. If you stumble upon this lowly blog, I'd appreciate if you would add a comment about how you found it and what you think. I read a lot of (much better) blogs that seem to generate a lot of conversation, and I hope that over time there will be a few folks who chat here. So tell me why you're here!

Friday not cat blog


All the cool blogs post cute picture of cats on Fridays. I don't have a cat, so here's cute pet pics.

some river photos

Assorted river pics. I'm sure I'll add more.

blogroll begun

Testing a blogroll. I'll add more later.

It worked

Well. I'm always amazed when things work on the first try. Later, I'll make some profound and brilliant comments about politics, alternative energy, music, beer, and anything else I feel like blathering about. But now I'll show a few amusing photos.

now open

Allright, here's an opening test post. My first attempt to play with a blog of my own.

So this photo may or may not be a start. Enjoy!