Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Outrage - There is no other response

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I thought I had quit blogging (which may continue), but this has pushed me to the point where I must post. Simply, this is an outrage.
Let's start out with two basic facts:
The Confederate Flag is the symbol of those who fought in favor of slavery.
The Nazi Flag is the symbol of those who engaged in genocide.
So, those people were marching in favor of slavery and genocide. Oh, they'll try to 'soft sell' it as "White Nationalism", or as most of us call it "Racism". But it really is advocating slavery and genocide. And they came with torches and 'open-carry'. Marching in an American city. Really.
Honorably, some folks stood up and said "hey, we oppose slavery and genocide, and we're OK with different folks living around us". And, mostly, they were outraged to see such hatred. Because they are the folks who actually do believe in freedom and American ideals. One patriot was killed by a Nazi madman with a car.
So, according to the head clown and most of the media "both sides are responsible". And it was probably the liberals fault for being so "PC".
Look, either you are for slavery and genocide, or your against slavery and genocide. It really is that simple. There is no "moral equivalence" between the two positions.

My Dr. told me a couple of years ago that I had to stay away from politics due to my cardiac condition. I tried. But sorry, Doc. There are times when you must stand for what you believe is right. Last night, I attended a "No to Hate" rally here, and I'll be attending more as long as I can still stand. Because I'm outraged. "If you're not outraged you're not paying attention".
The simple fact is that we all need to oppose slavery and genocide, or we will see them return to America.