Friday, August 29, 2008

Observing Obama's Speech

Last night I watched Obama's speech while in a bar. There were four of us, all political junkies, watching a corner TV while most of the crowd watched College Football.
I'm pretty cynical about political speeches. Rhetoric is what I expect to hear, and Obama has proven a master at it.
But something happened as the speech progressed. More and more people began joining us to watch, leaving behind the football game. By the halfway point, there were about 25 people in the corner of the bar watching and listening. Not the political junkie people, but the average folk. And then, they began applauding. By the end, they were cheering.
I've stated before that I don't hold great expectations of an Obama presidency, only that it would be much less bad than a McCain presidency. But maybe, just maybe, Obama's ability to inspire people could lead to something greater. Maybe the rhetoric can change the reality.

Bringing Back the Boobies

Sorry that the Boobies didn't make it for a few weeks. I'm a bad blogger.