Saturday, September 25, 2010


You never know where you'll run into a Badger.

The Difference

Just the basics.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Boobies Bouncing into Autumn

Boobies celebrating the first Friday of fall.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

As A Marxist

OK, I admit it: I am a Marxist. I love every one of the Marx Brothers movies. And I like Dali, too. So when I read this, well...:

Salvador Dalí sketching Harpo Marx (1937, via).

Dalí, a huge Marx Brothers fan with a particular admiration for Harpo, whom he viewed as “the most surrealist figure in Hollywood”, sent him a harp with barbed wire for strings & forks and spoons for tuning knobs as a Christmas present in 1936. Delighted, Harpo wrote Dalí that he would be “happy to be smeared by you” if the artist ever found himself in Hollywood. The next month Dalí arrived, brushes and easel in hand. The resultant painting is lost, but a monochrome pencil-and-ink study survived (here)

Dalí wrote an entertaining, if rather implausible, account of this meeting in a 1937 Harper’s Bazaar article:

“I met Harpo for the first time in his garden. He was naked, crowned with roses, and in the center of a veritable forest of harps (he was surrounded by at least five hundred harps). He was caressing, like a new Leda, a dazzling white swan, and feeding it a statue of the Venus de Milo made of cheese, which he grated against the strings of the nearest harp. An almost springlike breeze drew a curious murmur from the harp forest. In Harpo’s pupils glows the same spectral light to be observed in Picasso’s.”

Dalí later wrote a script for a Marx Brothers movie, Giraffes on Horseback Salad, which included, among other things, burning giraffes wearing gas masks & Harpo catching dwarves with a butterfly net. The film was never made. Groucho, that killjoy, claimed to have scuttled the project: “It wouldn’t play.”

Just a delicious story. Beats talking about current politics.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A "Must Read"

If you haven't already read it, please go read:


Today is world "car-free" day. So, of course, today is the one day that I'm obligated to drive. My neighbor is having surgery, and I agreed to pick him up from the hospital.

I'm not going to feel guilty. I lived car free for fourteen years, and only returned to car ownership this past spring. I inherited this car when my brother-in-law passed away, but I rarely drive it. Flagstaff is a very walking/biking friendly town.

Sometimes ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Aliens Avoid Us

Let's face it: the Aliens don't want to talk to us. They see how we treat each other and our home planet, and realize that human beings just aren't worth the bother.
Take a look at the TV we send out to them:
Any alien seeing that is likely thinking "Earth? Don't go there. It's got Human Beings! They're contagious!"
(Quote shamelessly stolen from Red Dwarf.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010