Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lack of Posting

I'm sorry that I have not posted much lately. I could say I've been busy...but I haven't been any busier than usual. I could say "burnout", but that would be silly. I could say "bush/Iraq" fatigue, and it might be true.

So I'll give you this, and hope I have more post's soon.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Lie

I know this administration lies, but this one is ridiculous:
There's some disturbing news about marijuana use among teens. A new study from the White House is linking the drug to violence and even gang membership.

Or maybe Whig and I are secretly gang members...
(emphasis mine).

First Friday of Summer

Have some Boobies.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Way to Go

Posted because I'll accept this in my obit.
COLUMBIA, S.C. – Police on Wednesday were investigating how a naked couple
fell 50 feet from the roof of a downtown office building to their deaths.

appetite for philosophy

Isn't it just amazing that the ancient Mayans were so cogent about lots of stuff - astronomy, calenders, pyramid building, decapitations, etc., but they never invented the wheel. I'm not calling the Mayan Civilization stupid, just finding it curious that wheels never occured to them , as carts can carry lots of stones or body parts etc. - the Mesopotamians (ancient Iraqis) well knew. I mean, the Mayan cosmology is chockfull of cycles, the wheeling of the stars and planets and their respective gears. But they prefered to carry things around, i guess.
Maybe there is some inherent trait in the universe, that we can percieve, but fail to manifest as a tool to vastly simplify our lives; something confluencing the wheelless aboriginal central americans' comprehension of cosmic cyclical motions?
Our world could really use fellas like Homer, Galileo, and Jimi Hendrix.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Zymurgian has this really, really stupid dinasour for a pet. That's too much like work. Atrocia is my kind of pet- one rat every few weeks, and she doesn't eat books.
Although I used to have some very nice pets who looked like this:

pet troubles

Does your pet piss on the carpet, harass passersby, or claw up the upholstery? Well, consider yourself fortunate...
My pet is a dinosaur named Noam. Like myself, she once had a run-in with a time-vortex. Poor thing. I sure felt sorry for Noam, when I first noticed her curled up and shivering on my porch, yowling with mesozoic incomprehension. I thought to myself-"Sheesh! Why is there a stupid really big dinosaur on my porch?"
Then it occured to me. Obviously! Once you time travel, you smell differnt, but your aroma is only distinguishable to other time travelers. So this fucking dinosaur sniffed me out, quit yowling as she recognized me (Noam is pretty dumb), got really cute and playful and snugly.
I suspect Noam was involuntarily sucked into this age, through a Time Dumpster, as I had been once as well, but only to be involuntarily swept to the year 2013. These time vortex puddles conglomerate across many states. They don't care where they spit you. They do it for fun . Let us call them Dumpsterites. Well, anyway, the Dumpies spat me back to my own time.
Perhaps they will do the same for this witless saurian.
I said to it, " Noam, get in the back yard and stay there. "
So she does. DAMN PERTY DINOSAUR why be in a hurry to send her back? O.K.- let me back up a bit- sometimes I lounge about in our lush, shady backyard in my Crazy Chair, a glass of strong iced coffee and a book. Well, when I introduced my new pal to the backyard, first thing she went for was the book. It was A Handbook Of Modern Philosophy. She just pounced on it , tore it to shreds and devoured the whole book. Something by Chomsky on her chin.
Sure am relieved I just so happen to own a large titanium chain. I use it for, oh Howdy! My name is Zymurgian 'round these parts, if you are catastrophically bored, check out archives. I use a titanium chain in my brewing endeavors, as one result of my perambulations. Any advice out there for the many burdens of owning a devoted (hungry) dinosaur? Noam sure is Cute.

embryos vs. Iraqi's

Guess which our shrub cares about?
President Bush vetoed legislation this afternoon to expand federally funded embryonic stem cell research, as the White House sought to emphasize scientific
advances that would allow researchers to pursue the potentially life-saving work
without destroying human embryos.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fire risks

Two fires in the region yesterday were both quickly contained, but it's a nervous time of year around here. We really need some rain.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Hairy Grampa"

I don't usually blog personal stuff-not my style(I'm boring). Today my son called to wish me a happy father's day, which is ironic, as I was not a real father, and my grandson also talked to me. So here's the back story:
My son was not raised by me. I was 16 when he was born. The woman who went through the labor had religious beliefs. We were not going to get married, and abortion was not an option. He was adopted at birth, and I only met him when he was 18. I met a grown man, who I really respect, who only shares some of my genes. To make a short story long, when I was 15 a condom failed and a really great result followed. I watched a child be born. I didn't see him again until an 18 year old tracked me down.
He's doing really well, a really smart guy. When we met he wanted to know his heritage, and that I could tell him. My father was a big genealogist, so I had a lot of history to share with him. Now I have 2 grandchildren, and my grandson calls me "hairy grampa" because when he last saw me it was winter and I had a full beard.
I'm an accidental father, but I'm trying to be a good (albeit "hairy") gramps.

Happy Fathers Day

To all the Dads reading this. My own Father has left us, and I miss him. He's the one who got me involved in politics, even though he was a Republican. I think that my Dad would be appalled at the current version of his party, as he had the highest ethical standards. 35 years ago watergate happened, and Dad ( a republican) was one of the first calling for Nixon's impeachment. If he were alive today...I can only imagine that his righteous indignation at Bush would be loudly voiced. Dad was an honest conservative. One of the things I miss most about him is our political debates, which could last hours but were always calm and rational.
Thanks Dad. I miss you.