Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why is he even bothering?

Judging by the convention speeches, I'm really starting to wonder why Willard is even bothering to run for president. I mean, when you're that filthy rich, why degrade yourself in public for a position where you'll have less power and freedom than you currently have and take a major pay cut? If he really wants the attention of a nation full of fawning acolytes (which I think he does), he could just go out and buy a country. There are quite a few nations that would be within his price range, and many of them have very nice climates where the population has never known of a "minimum wage". Some of them even speak English.
Trust me, Willard, if you actually do end up buying the presidency you're going to end up with a serious case of 'buyer's remorse'. You're not going to be able to turn this country into a gated country club, and the American peasantry will never really "learn their place".